Customized PLAYBILLS

ARTSBILL, a customized 8.5 inch by 5.5 inch show program designed to spotlight the unique talents of performers and the captivating essence of various musicals and theater productions. Each meticulously crafted ARTSBILL not only promotes the grandeur of the shows but also provides a comprehensive introduction to the talented artists bringing these stories to life. Perfect for theater enthusiasts and performers alike, these bespoke PLAYBILLS make each performance unforgettable by reflecting the unique style and essence of the show, ensuring a visually cohesive and engaging experience for the audience.

ARTSBILLs include:

  • Dedications: Personalized messages to support and encourage performers.
  • Half Page and Full-Page Ads: Opportunities for local businesses, supporters, and sponsors to advertise and show their support.
  • Director’s Note Page: A personal message from the director, offering insights and background on the production.
  • Production Team Page: Highlighting the hardworking individuals behind the scenes who bring the show to life.
  • Musical Numbers: A detailed list of the musical numbers performed throughout the show.
  • Performers Page: Showcasing the talented student performers with photos and bios.
  • Mentors Page: Acknowledging the mentors and coaches who have guided and supported the performers.

Each page is meticulously designed using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator for stunning graphics and typography, then assembled in Adobe InDesign for a polished, professional printed publication. Our customized ARTSBILLs not only enhance the theater experience but also provide a platform for showcasing paid advertising and celebrating the contributions of student performers and mentors alike.

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