Aerial View Relief

2016 – Aerial View Relief Collage

Medium: 4 X 6 game box, metal tape, red sparkle paper, magazine hole punches

An aerial perspective of an abstract piece utilizing color repetition and pattern to create the illusion of movement and depth creating an explosion of geometric shards of climbing sparkling and matted red elements.

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Transformative Process

2016 – A Transformative process through abstract art.

20 X 20 Gouache Color on Bristol with Split Complimentary Colors

The technique I acquired through this process includes a lot of practice and patience. The blending of base colors with tints and tones to produce varied hues was an exciting and challenging project.

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Landscape Stylization

2016 – Landscape stylization

Project Description: Project to be made from discarded materials such as paper, fabric, magazines, etc…   This project is a representation of an image with aerial views; the projects purpose is to create a representation of a distorted, yet magnificent reality.

10 X 10 Gouache Color Palette on Bristol

Inspired by an Italian hill side, I deconstructed and recreated this landscape using the orphism process of focusing on pure abstraction and bright colors.  I was challenged to create a compelling and appealing complimentary color palette.

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