Welcome to my online portfolio!

Thank you for your interest in Regina D. Media Art & Design. Here I will continuously be adding and building a collection of my work for on-line public viewing.  Art has always been a part of my life and I love creating ideas, implementing designs and reveling in my completed projects.  I am a Class of 2017 graduate from Broward College and going in to my second year at Florida Atlantic University; here I am continuing my education and expanding my creative, graphic, typography and visual design knowledge at the Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts & Letters.

My current goals are to improve my skills in all areas and aspects of graphic design and its fundamental elements. I am eager to learn and create art with the different programs available today. Another goal of mine is to be able to create unique, effective, and beautiful interactive content for organizations to help them grow and spread their message effectively to their audience.

During this process I learned to discover the range of values I can create in my work. By transferring the degrees of variations and creating implied lines, I have produced low key and high key values. By defining the contour lines I produced a chiaroscuro method of gradually shifting colors from dark to light.through texture, contour line and color using orphismA Transformative process through abstract art.